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We developed an E-commerce website tailored for our merchant, with a focus on creating the best experience for their customers. A significant challenge was designing user-friendly filter and search options to enable seamless product selection based on various attributes. Additionally, we integrated instalments and payment solutions optimised for mobile use. Our ongoing work efforts continue to SEO optimisation.


For our beloved designer brand we created a website and integrated payments so we make fashion available online. Challenge is to create a design as unique as brand is by itself. Now you can check out trends of new seasons and gallery of looks on akananita.ge. He integrated payment gateway not only facilitates transactions but also offers added advantages to clients of partnering banks, allowing them to utilize internal bonus points for purchases, thereby enhancing the shopping experience even further.


Our goal was to create an E-commerce that would bring affordable and high-quality products, such as jewellery, necklaces, earrings and bracelets to consumers. Zalta gives you the opportunity to buy what you want the easiest and fast way.


Only For You has been operating in Georgia for a while, their goal is to make the original and different requests of customers come true, to awaken unforgettable emotions and to dedicate the best gifts to loved ones. Now, with online presence their business is open to new challenges and larger audience.


Fast and easy payments gateway integrated to our partner website, now you can purchase jewerly on Legenda.ge , analogs based on the motifs of archeological jewelry discovered during archeological excavations in Georgia.


Learn more about Real Estate market in Georgia on our partner website. Aim of the page is to unite and gather all relevant data to the Real Estate industry in Georgia, and is useful for customers and real estate brokers at the same time, as long as it gives the brokers access to the exceptional broker portal in Georgia. Subscription payment was integrated to Lealtor platform, for comfort of both Merchant and Brokers.

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